Can Facebook make me rich?

If you're a software developer with a little hope and a talented scheme, at that time Facebook could be the company so as to makes you a very wealthy person. The social networking position so as to began in 2004 as a way in support of college students to keep in pat has extended to allow everybody to create their own Facebook leaf. Since at that time, Facebook has engraved a niche in support of itself in the tech humanity as a company so as to is willing to break through the traditional barriers of production.

In vogue May 2007, the company opened its platform, allowing software developers to add their programs to the Facebook position. This in circle tolerable the site's users to wish from a extensive variety of programs and add them to their delicate Facebook pages. To event so as to its platform is truthfully friendly, the company held f8, an eight-hour-long competition anywhere developers fashioned their own programs in support of Facebook's interface. Eighty-five recent programs -- ranging from cartridge sharing to a clutch subsidiary -- were added to Facebook as a product of f8.

Now, the company is taking its crop growing of recent applications even supplementary. In vogue September 2007, Facebook initiator grade Zuckerberg announced the company has a $10 million stack of cash waiting in support of software developers who care for to share their programs with Facebook. The company calls it the fbFund.

The grants range from $25,000 to $250,000, and a talented scheme possibly will build up a developer's have an account credit. The company hasn't announced at all restrictions on the add up to of applications both developer can say, so potentially single developer possibly will comprise a destiny of money with a hardly any applications. And while $250,000 isn't no matter which to sneeze by the side of, the fbFund grants are truly truthful the tip of the iceberg.

In the function of it turns ready, the company is interested in if more than grants -- it wants to go through as venture capitalists in support of the correct hard work. Developers receiving grants from Facebook will not simply comprehend the first cash, they will plus keep ownership of their programs. Facebook truthful wants opening crack by the side of if the money desirable to take the software and circle it into a viable start-up production.

It's a basement software developer's hallucinate occur proper, and it's nix coincidence so as to the offer comes from a earlier basement software developer. Zuckerberg seems like Willy Wonka, having sent ready the gold-wrapped toffee bars and waiting patiently in his chocolate factory in support of the arrival of someone like Charlie.

Of route, Zuckerberg is probably not secretly planning on handing done the keys to Facebook's front access. But with the fbFund, he has thrown ready the traditional, frustrating search involving venture hub and talented ideas and simply situate ready notice of anywhere the money can be found.

Facebook has attached simply single specification to its fbFund: The company won't consider applications from at all developer or company so as to has already usual venture hub from any more source. This satisfies two dilemmas. It spreads venture hub around to individuals who tolerate been overlooked -- an instance of infracaninophilia, or love in support of the underdog. The specification plus keeps Facebook ready of at all sticky the makings officially authorized battles done who truly owns the software backed by Facebook's hub.

For unknown developers with talented ideas and drive, Facebook's fbFund offer possibly will verify to be a cash cow. But fbFund isn't the simply way to comprise money online. 

Build Wealth Online!

Facebook's fbFund is a revolutionary way in support of developers to come across funding in support of their software, but the have a rest of us care for a part of the online money-making pie, too. It turns ready, all you need is a destiny while to sit around.

HowStuffWorks has already answered the question, "Can I Make My Living in Second Life?" Users can pay for soil in the "Second Life" virtual humanity, resolute up businesses and come across employment in other people's companies. Users can plus create things like cars and furniture they can promote to other Second Lifers in support of draw on in the virtual humanity.

Since the "Second Life" currency, Linden dollars (L$), can truly be exchanged in support of real-world currency, fill with are making real money inedible the virtual humanity. In the function of of the base of September 2007, around L$270 translated to single United States cash [source: Second Life].

Right at this point, the money made in "Second Life" is peanuts, but so as to could soon amendment. The virtual humanity is emerging as a place anywhere real-world production can take place. Users who are making cars in support of trade are ruling competition from car companies like Nissan, Scion and Pontiac, which tolerate opened up dealerships in "Second Life." in the function of real-world competitors enter the virtual humanity, the stakes could raise and prices possibly will intensify.

Perhaps the on the whole lucrative way to comprise money online is by collecting virtual goods so as to tolerate real-world evaluate. Like "Second Life," the standard online game "World of Warcraft" skin texture items so as to fill with tolerate proven they're willing to earnings real currency in support of. Virtual farmers -- fill with who are paid to amuse yourself games rigorously to save goods which can be sold in support of real cash -- tolerate emerged, on the whole notably from cups. These farmers mostly save small rewards in support of burden repetitive virtual tasks, but the rewards add up done while and can prime to life-size pay-offs. The pay-offs don't normally depart to the farmers, however. These employees mostly receive nix more than subsistence-level wages.

Savvy entrepreneurs can comprise cash through virtual real estate speculation: For instance, three shopping malls in the "Entropia Universe" virtual humanity were auctioned in support of US$180,000 in 2007 [source: CNN]

You can plus comprise money with a little clicking. "Cash Cliques," a Facebook course, pays users to click ads found the whole time cyberspace. The company pays five shares in support of both public notice clicked and opened in support of twenty seconds. At 10,000 shares, users can cash them in in support of real money. Users plus receive shares from clicks made by contacts they've recruited into the "Cash Cliques" pyramid -- as users recruit others, their recruits, in circle, tap even more users to click, building an increasingly wider root in support of individuals by the side of the top. ­

It be supposed to be thought so as to not all of these examples are entirely officially authorized. Sale of virtual goods from World of Warcraft violates the company's expressions of draw on, and "Cash Cliques" could even constitute fraud. There are wholly officially authorized ways to comprise cash online, though.

The royalty-free typical photography position 123RF allows amateur photographers to upload their own pictures to the position. When your photo is downloaded, the company pays you 50 percent of the fee they charge. Contributors plus comprehend 36 cents in support of both subscription download. Like "Cash Cliques," 123RF plus pays in support of referrals.

Of route, making money online hasn't knock a stride out anywhere payouts are commonly life-size ones. So whilst you need to occur up with your rent money in a hasten, you can all the time draw on an elder method of making money online: Promotion your stuff on eBay.


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