How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer

By at the present you’ve generally likely coupled Twitter (and if you haven’t, you need to, promptly!). Twitter is not merely a horrible place intended for businesses and marketers, but it’s as well a horrible place to spruce up your prose skills.
Yes. You read with the intention of accurately.
Twitter can create you a better writer. Here’s how.

Twitter forces you to be concise

If you’ve continually used Twitter, you know with the intention of you give birth to 140 font to say whatever you dearth to say. Now keep in mind, I didn’t say 140 words—or even 140 letters—I understood 140 font.
That’s not a luck of opportunity. Letters, figures, symbols, punctuation and spaces all count as font on Twitter.
What all of this way is, you give birth to to be concise. You give birth to to know exactly come again? You dearth to say, and say it in as only some terms as likely.
Many writers, however, are “wordy” and often give birth to long, drawn dated descriptions and sentences, so it can be pretty not easy to create a message that’s merely 140 font.
Here’s everywhere Twitter comes in again.

Twitter forces you to employ your vocabulary

Since you merely give birth to 140 font to follow your message across, you’re required to dust rancid your dictionary and thesaurus and become aware of in mint condition terms to use—Words with the intention of are shorter, terms with the intention of are more descriptive, and terms with the intention of follow the job made in 140 font or fewer.
Crafting a message intended for Twitter requires you to “pump up” your verbs (replacing adverbs and adjectives with them), and discover a better, clearer and more concise way to say come again? You dearth to say.
Now generally community won’t smash into 140 font desirable away. No, they’ll edge up with 160 or 148 font to start dated with (Twitter tells you how many font you need to remove to create your message fit).
This is the final way with the intention of Twitter makes you a better writer.

Twitter forces you to recover your control skills

Every writer needs to be able to edit their drive. And by using Twitter, you can really hone your control skills and create them top-notch.
It’s almost like before a live audience a game; difficult to jot down a 140-character message and still follow your feature across in a way with the intention of inspires your followers to take engagement, to click on your link or to “retweet” your placement.
I like to think of it as a brainteaser, forcing me to think harsh and dig deep down into my vocabulary to become aware of a way to shorten my message.
I’ve been using Twitter since January, and my prose skills give birth to not merely improved, but I’ve been prose better photocopy as well.
Yet an additional rationalize you must be using Twitter. Not with the intention of you looked-for lone.