Facebook – More Than Just A Social Networking Site?

Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has dominated much of internet user’s bustle with 50% of users logging into their report all daylight hours. What ongoing as a social networking position is apt much more than a way to keep in contact with strain and acquaintances. With the hot statement with the intention of Facebook is leaving to luggage compartment a summit intended for the UK digital industry, it is leaving to be worthy of note to set eyes on how the company is leaving to develop and how this will influence UK brands digital strategy. 

Facebook is appealing UK agencies to discuss and identify come again? Brands dearth from its advertising platform. At the second adverts are placed according to user’s profiles and interests but Facebook is looking to develop this and asking agencies intended for their input in this carry some weight. Facebook is a social networking position so interacting with possibility customers should recreation a major part in these advertising developments slightly than the standard adverts with the intention of are being posted by the second. 

Some brands give birth to already begun to modify how they purpose the social networking position to advertise. Asos and Heineken give birth to both recently announced with the intention of they are launching Facebook supplies. Consumers will be able to grip products via the brands Facebook call. Heineken has as well revealed with the intention of they would like customers to participate in come again? Is being sold on their Facebook put in safekeeping. Facebook refers the leading amount of traffic to Asos and they give birth to identified how of great consequence it is to communicate with their customers. Social media gives companies this opportunity more so than their own website and other digital strategies. 

Bacardi UK has as well recognised the social networks internet domination. A source from the company has suggested with the intention of they aim to upsurge their Facebook use to 90% of its digital use. They give birth to experimental a leave out in visitors to their website and it seems, therefore, poignant the majority of their online financial statement to Facebook is a canny move. 

These companies give birth to recognised the power of Facebook with its estimated 600 million operational users and reinforces with the intention of social media must aspect highly in online marketing strategies. If this trend continues Facebook users’ will by no means give birth to to log dated of their accounts and the company will be lone step closer to internet domination.



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  2. Facebook is also about just branding and letting the customers know you "are real". Talking with the customers will eventually lead to a sale.

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