Facebook coughs up details on its mobile problem

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook has long faced denigration in place of being too paying attention on the Web and neglecting its mobile products. On Wednesday, the social exchange ideas shed more light on its mobile problems in an renew to its IPO filing.

A growing total of users are accessing Facebook on mobile campaign, somewhere the company doesn't "generate every meaningful revenue." Facebook's mark of day by day dynamic users is increasing sooner than the total of ads served.

Facebook, which filed in February in place of an original open offering with the purpose of is predictable to take place after that week, released the details in an renew to its regulatory paperwork. Facebook had already warned impending investors as regards its lack of mobile monetization, but the stats on users' ramped-up mobile access were brand new.

About 488 million monthly dynamic users accessed Facebook's mobile products in tramp.

That's a titanic chunk of the 901 million international dynamic users Facebook presently has, and it's a total that's growing fast. Facebook believed it topped 500 million dynamic mobile users in in a minute the number one three weeks of April. (It hasn't yet released its full-month stats in place of April.)

Facebook wasn't built with mobile in mind -- it was bent in 2004, behind all -- and it's been brake to develop device-optimized apps. Facebook in place of the Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) iPad wasn't released until October 2011, a satisfied day and a partially behind the iPad debuted. Facebook's delay gave third-party apps a option to leap in.

Here in the early hours 2012, Facebook introduced "sponsored stories" on its mobile apps, a move aimed on serving it generate revenue on a platform other than the Web.


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