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What is Gushcloud?

Participating in basic 2011, Vincent and Althea required to broadcast a videotape complete pro a notable civic character to as many childish introduce somebody to an area as feasible contained by a daylight. Overnight, they mobilized thousands of childish introduce somebody to an area to share to videotape through word-of-mouth, childish influencers on social media, a bundle of phone calls and a ton of text messages.
Added than 8,000 introduce somebody to an area saying to videotape to night. That array them thinking, “what if we may perhaps create a place everyplace mobilizing thousands of introduce somebody to an area to share to videotape may perhaps be complete in a concern of clicks?” The impression pro Gushcloud was hatched to night.

Almost all establishment and organization on the planet faces the same broad marketing need: “How perform I urge X integer introduce somebody to an area to perform Y pro my business/organization?” Gushcloud was built pro all business’s digital marketing needs. Gushcloud is the world’s paramount crowdsourced marketing platform and it aims to be really pleasant next to plateful businesses all over the place drum up their target audience towards whatever marketing accomplishment.

Earn GC$

Get happy with GC$ (GC$1 = US$1) what time you complete down-to-earth tasks like sharing something on social networks, downloading an app or blogging. Ready to cash outmoded? Simply cash it through PayPal or Bank Transfer!

Do Favors, Earn Karma!

Support brands, introduce somebody to an area and causes you're passionate on as a give preferentiality to and earn Karma points. You can even donate GC$ to a charity of your selection! Accumulate an adequate amount of Karma Points to run your own campaigns or cash elevated prizes such as a uncontrolled fall to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and the like.

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