10 Tips to Optimize Your Use of Twitter

1. Use Your Real Name, If Possible

Make it easy for people who know you to find you on Twitter.

2. Add a Profile Picture

This should be a picture of you. People connect better with other people, not cartoons, book covers, logos, etc.

3. Link to Your Website

Hopefully you have a blog or website you can link to. If you don't, create one now.

4. Write Your Bio

Make it memorable. Make it relevant to who you are. You don't have to be funny or cute, but if you can, and still be relevant, then do it.  

5. Tweet Regularly

This is the biggest obstacle for authors. But it is key to promotion. It doesn't matter if you only have two followers and one is your mom, you still need to tweet daily, to be effective.

If you don't have something to write, then RT something funny or useful. Another way is to connect your blog to your twitter account, then every "post" you write is automatically "tweeted" on Twitter.

6. Tweet Relevant Information

Don't tweet every moment of your life, such as "I am eating a hamburger" or "I should have ate a salad." These tweets are not interesting or relevant. However, if you were eating a hamburger with Johnny Depp sitting at the next table, then by all means, tweet. "I just ate the best hamburger sitting next to Johnny Depp. Now I am ready to write my romance novel."

7. Link and Don't Link

It's good to link to other places and share your discoveries; however, if all you do is link, people may think you are just trying to sell to them and won't give much regard to your posts.

8. Have a Personality

This is easy. Be yourself. You don't have to be overly, funny or smart. Twitter is all about connecting with people - so be a person.

9. Follow Those Worth Following

Some people are all into the quantity. But I recommend looking for quality. Just because you are being followed by someone you do not have to return the follow. Only follow people that are relevant and beneficial to you or your audience.

10. Communicate with Others

Twitter is all about communication. If people talk to you or RT your message, then talk back and/or thank them. (SECRET: People like to feel involved and acknowledged. I like it, you like it, everybody likes it.)


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