Taylor Swift and Tebow: Their Post-Oscars Dinner Date

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has drummed up quite a tad of phone call in dear departed 2011 and experimental 2012, but not a moment ago intended for serving as the inspiration intended for the Tebowing fashion. He's as well been linked to countless celebs as well as Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, which is why even persons allergic to pigskins and grass stains know his specify. And at the present, thankfulness to a little feast engagement the daylight hours like the Oscars, Tim Tebow is enjoying an additional publicity boost courtesy of his engagement: Taylor Swift. 

According to Clevvertv.Com (via Page Six), the match up had feast simultaneously on Feb. 27 by the Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City. A source told the website, "After feast, he walked her dated. Then he walked back in to join two other community. I think they might both give birth to been with their agents." So at the present the question remains: Everywhere they here intended for enterprise or pleasure?

Granted, the team would certainly look like a cute match on paper, prearranged with the intention of Tebow maintains respectable Christian ideals and is in fact age appropriate. (Swift's ex- flames include Jake Gyllenhaal who is 31, and John Mayer, who is 34). However, the football player doesn't really seem like the land singer's type. But after that again, we may possibly a moment ago be biased since the continue famous celeb-professional athlete match-up didn't edge so well.

So intended for at the present all we can make sure of is speculate. But if her prospect songs start incorporating football language after that we'll know intended for yes.