GreatShield EZseal Plus 100% Bubble Free Guaranteed Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Film Mask for Kindle Fire

Product Features

One-step, guaranteed bubble free installation screen protector for Kindle Fire
  • Remarkable Titanium Nitride (TiN) material from Japan provides the ultimate protection against dust, scratches, fingerprints, and oils
  • Nano anti-stain layer coated that reduces fingerprints
  • Sophisticated manufacturing process reduces glare with minimal                screen distortion
  • Completely reusable and washable. Wash and reapply as many times as needed!

Just One-step Super Easy Installation with 100% Bubble Free Guaranteed! No need to take "How to Apply a Screen Protector, 101" to learn how to apply GreatShield's EZseal Plus. It is so easy to apply to your Kindle Fire screen that a complete novice applied it quickly and with great success. GreatShield's EZseal Plus is made from a remarkable material called PET TiN (Titanium Nitride) that provides the ultimate protection for the Kindle Fire screen from dust and scratches. It is so strong that it is completely 'wash and wear' - take the EZseal Plus off, wash it with water, dry it with a cloth and reapply it as many times as needed! EZseal Plus is ONLY 0.188 mm thick yet is strong enough to protect your Kindle Fire screen from the harshest abuse while still providing the user with pinpoint accuracy. The matte finish banishes any glare under natural to fluorescent light on the Kindle Fire screen and enables its user to see the screen clearly from any angle with a 93% see through visibility. GreatShield's EZseal Plus provides a seamless transition from frame to screen as there is only 0.02 mm difference between the middle area and the frame. No static electricity effect with this screen protector! GreatShield is so confident in the superiority of the EZseal Plus that this product is backed with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee!with terms and conditions


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