New York Draws on Sun's Energy

New York City has long been acknowledged as a place of grit and grunge.
But Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants the Big Apple to be acknowledged in place of its “green” ideals and its increasing confidence on clean forms of energy, such as solar power.
At a news meeting take week, Bloomberg announced the installation of solar panels on ten city buildings as part of a pilot instruct. 

“There are solar panels on schools, firehouses, keep watch over precincts and other buildings," he believed. "In clean tech, the New York City government, I think, is leading by pattern and we are plus being connected by a growing total of privileged sector companies.”

One of individuals companies is River 2 River Realty, which owns several luxury Manhattan properties. Company president Dan Neiditch took lead of generous state and federal strain incentives and rebates to install rooftop solar panels on his 47-story luxury condominium set of buildings in midtown Manhattan.

“We are individual of the tallest buildings in the United States with solar on their rooftop," Neiditch says. "I believe it was done 50 percent of the project was rebated to us. Our emotional bill we’ve already seen has decreased 20 percent from after we installed the units take day.
We love with the purpose of, and we plus like the piece of information with the purpose of this is well-behaved in place of the situation. It’s saving the planet and it’s saving us money.”

River 2 River Realty
Solar panels comprise been installed on the roof of The Atelier, a 47-story luxury condominium set of buildings in New York City.
The building’s solar panels comprise plus drawn affluent customers who plan to “live sea green.” 

“Some associates are very obdurate as regards living in a building such as ours, and in attendance are very not many prevented in attendance exactly at this time," Neiditch says. "But I think done moment in time, as the skill gets better, the trend will be more in with the purpose of direction. And I think all building in Manhattan be supposed to plunk solar panels on their roof.”

Not all solar installations need to attempt on the roof. Carlos Berger of Voltaic Solaire, a small alternative energy company in the New York district of Brooklyn, recently outfitted the facades of a building with so-called “thin film” solar cells, which are made with a silicon-based material with the purpose of can be made completely transparent. 

“The light goes through it," Berger says, "but it plus produces electricity.”

The trend en route for solar is accelerating, says Jack Hidary, co-founder of Samba Energy, a New York-based supplier of software and clean energy services. 

According to Hidary, the data musical with the purpose of solar power installations in the United States comprise increased tenfold since 2009, and with the purpose of the rate keeps dropping as more efficient skill and installation techniques are urbanized. He observations with the purpose of the solar cells his brother installed on his own home-produced have a passion for more energy than the breed can mistreat.

“The emotional gauge of with the purpose of villa in Brooklyn runs backwards, as they are getting a accept in place of the mega electricity they are producing, which they retail back to the convenience," Hidary says. "And so with the purpose of villa has a zero-dollar convenience bill in place of the day. I am very pleased as regards this. This is something somewhere associates can save money, businesses can save money and they are burden the exactly occurrence in expressions of lowering the pollution.”

Indeed, emissions from nearby coal-fired emotional power plants can pose a hefty fitness hazard. New Yorkers comprise far upper toll of asthma and other respiratory illnesses than the subject norm. Hidary believes the city’s move en route for solar power can help. 

“By installing lots of solar we can start to reduce the amount of coal we burn and so we can comprise a healthier population.”   

And, says Hidary, in attendance is veto lack of sunlight. 

“Ultimately in attendance is more sun, in attendance is more solar power, with the purpose of hits the terrain part of the earth - the place somewhere we live - in an hour than we as humans - than seven billion associates - mistreat in a day. So the sun is ultimately disappearing to be the source of energy in place of this planet. That is how we are disappearing to power ourselves in the forthcoming. So we might as well in a minute agree to with the purpose of and move to the forthcoming exactly at this time.”


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