My 10 favorite Blackberry Applications

Today, the phone is not slightly on behalf of making phone calls and conveyance SMS. Today’s higher phones are minicomputers. Just like a central processing unit, it needs an Operating System to survive phone wealth and applications. BlackBerry is solitary such ultimate itinerant OS. Blackberry Apps are applications which run on BlackBerry OS to give out our needs.

BlackBerry has a overweight collection of applications. Following are my 10 favorite BlackBerry Applications:

My 10 favorite Blackberry Applications

1. Amazon: Amazon BlackBerry app is industrial on behalf of Amazon lovers. This app provides guaranteed secure connection amid your BlackBerry and Amazon.Com. I survive my Amazon balance using Amazon BlackBerry app.

2. BlackBerry envoy: BlackBerry Messenger keeps me in stroke with links using their BlackBerry itinerant. This messaging service is on the house.

3. Google maps: Google maps help me to unearth location exclusive of taking anyone’s help. With this terrible App, I am confident to I will not make lost anywhere in this the human race.

4. Facebook: I am a Facebook fanatic and I can’t live disconnected from Facebook.Com even on behalf of a little. I am able to organize everything (that is potential on a desktop) on Facebook.Com using this BlackBerry app!

5. LinkedIn: Being a certified, I continually intend to keep myself connected to my set of connections. Everybody knows to LinkedIn.Com is a the human race famous social networking situate on behalf of professionals and so, my Blackberry LinkedIn App help me to survive my LinkedIn Account on-the-move.

6. WordPress: I am a regular writer of blogs and articles. BlackBerry WordPress App helps me to organize this from my mobile.

7. Urbanspoon: I love roaming recent sitting room. Urbanspoon helps me unearth superior restaurants to lunch.

8. Vlingo: I am commonly not tempted to take advantage of my mobile while driving but if I include to; I ensure to it is safe and not a terrible commotion. And Vlingo, helps me organize slightly to! I can sway my Blackberry with my own voice.

9. MSN Messenger: This App helps me to take advantage of services of the human race famous MSN Messenger from my BlackBerry itinerant.

10. Skype: Skype on BlackBerry helps me to keep connected with my clients all completed the the human race next to a very low-cost.

To make a good number away of your BlackBerry phone, opt for restore applications on behalf of your era to era take advantage of. Itinerant applications are really cool to can get as far as ordinary phones into Smartphones and perceptibly, exclusive of the mobile OS support, it is not potential.


  1. Indeed, Blackberry offers a lot of possibilities for users to connect and search for information using these applications. One of my favorite applications is the Urbanspoon since it helps me find the best restaurants around the town. I also took a liking to using the Google Maps, whenever I’m looking for a particular place.