Avoiding a Fate like Mars on behalf of Earth: Life on Planet in Imminent Danger

There are apparently a number of family who think with the purpose of the current "Greenhouse Effect" will simply be in front to an "evolutionary" convert in the large-scale climate, so with the purpose of climatic areas in the northern hemisphere like Canada, Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska in the U.S., and Antarctica in the southern hemisphere will grow to be like solitary significant tropical resort area like Tahiti, Cuba, or Jamaica. Soon one and all will be enjoying glorious sunshine, and sipping exotic tropical drinks in Nova Scotia, Baffin Island in the Canadian frozen, or around the frozen waters of Siberia, according to family with this plain as the nose on your face look at. These family own up a dislike on behalf of the cold, and they therefore refreshing one convert with the purpose of might eventually develop free of their abhored winter blaaaaahs.

Unfortunately on behalf of these family, such a look at is not supported by grave methodical evidence, further than "scientific infomercials" and propaganda pieces with the purpose of suffer been sponsored by various well-financed Big Business interests. Indeed, it has been the job of the largely corporate owned mass-media in Canada, and elsewhere, to channel viewers, readers, and listeners into responses which will complement the elite pursuit of greedy business-related profit. This corporate owned mass-media does not need to attract community attention to the dire destiny which awaits the community, if 'the Economy' is not re-energized in a mode with the purpose of minimizes social and environmental expenses.

The bulky magnitude 'owners of capital' suffer structured the prevailing capitalistic financial prudence to principally dish up their interests in the pursuit of money, status, and power on behalf of themselves. Like heroine or "crack" cocaine drug addicts, 'capitalistocrats' suffer grow to be so addicted to the pursuit of a self-absorbing materialistic lifestyle predicted on money, status, and power, they would much sooner apparently raze our planet, and all life along with it, than to convert their ways of drug-like abuse. Indeed, the mass-media in the prevailing capitalistocratic systems of Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, continental Europe, and elsewhere, are veto not as much of corrupt than the politicians which they are supposedly "holding accountable".

The mass-media has apparently covered-up the destiny with the purpose of awaits humanity, and the remnants of our planet, if in attendance is not an immediate substantive response to the Global Warming menace further than the relatively superficial responses associated with the exceedingly time-consuming responses to fulfilling the relatively superficial Kyoto Protocol. Indeed, failure to recompense Global Warming with pronounced rapidity, will not mythically effect in northern hemispheres being crooked into extensions of "tropical paradises".

The cold air masses with the purpose of linger done the frozen and polar climatic areas of the planet are enormously crucial to moderating the temperatures of planet Earth. Global Warming by the irresponsible activities of greed driven personal enterprises under American led "global capitalism", are destroying these crucial climatic areas next to an alarming toll. In the function of a human being species, we suffer already witnessed deadly intensity waves and clamminess. The accompanying decline cancer causing ultra violet (UV) energy due to rapid accompanying ozone depletion is already creating experiences which almost feel like a form of radiation poisoning. Further accompanying weather cataclysms as well as more devastating hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in behind Summer 2005, and other such ''weather events" are no more than a relatively small tip of the iceberg so-to-speak.

The "hellish" summer of 2005 worldwide has sadly showed family member to the comparatively milder Summer 2004, with the purpose of changes due to the abusive activities by human being beings on the planet can be impulsive, and exceedingly drastic. The current quantuum advancing devastating destructive impacts of American-led "global capitalism" are threatening to rapid a catastrophic large-scale lack in crucial agricultural areas worldwide with the purpose of the earth has not at all interminably seen; due to unending rising temperatures, with the purpose of will receive the traditional high temperature characteristics of the tropics now (that suffer benefited from frozen and polar moderation) seem like comparative ice boxes. Worsening "hellish" summers will be in front into hellish other parts of the day and, with the prospective fading of the frozen and polar climatic areas. The inevitable effect of such tolerable phenomenon will be an consequent Global Famine with the purpose of so far, the earth has and not at all seen distribution from the United States and Canada, into Europe and the remnants of the World.

The rising temperatures of the oceans would eventually completely raze all crucial air (oxygen) producing plankton. A large-scale disaster in agricultural production would be auxiliary accompanied by the cascading rapid dying prohibited of all species in the ocean. The oceans would grow to be blank tainted waters (the Gulf of Mexico has already been basically destroyed, with other parts of the ocean following pursuit).

Here such a milieu of Global Famine, the earth would be taken done by various martial armed camps threatening apiece other with nuclear eradication, and privately-run "terrorist" organizations tiresome to forcibly attain come again? Little of the Earth is not here, on behalf of the exclusive manage of elites, criminal syndicates, and gangs, leaving "masses" to perish in a milieu of spiralling large-scale starvation, and poverty in a climate of socio-economic chaos and community upheaval. Indeed, the mass-media has hypocritically unnoticed the limit to which 'capitalism' is really the root cause of growing plain as the nose on your face "terrorism" as more and more family are rotating to violent following extremism, in the be realistic of environmental destruction, correlated oppression, and overall declines in quality-of-living.

Having destroyed the air-producing ocean life, and rainforests under a greed driven ethos of capitalism, soon even the Global Air Supply would grow to be threatened with the overall rapid decay of crucial ecosystems. Global Warming promises the convert the unbroken Earth not into a tropical paradise, but sooner into a giant sarcophagus, somewhere all life on the planet will miserably perish. The Earth will eventually grow to be very akin to Mars closer than you think, if the unbroken efficient technique can re-energized from its self-destructive path of Global Warming and accompanying pollution as well as ozone depletion. The human being run will simply grow to be a footnote on behalf of other potential break exploring far along species in the universe to study in their coming methodical missions of archaeological discovery, if humanity changes from its current overall destructive ways.

People in their communities can either take to cooperate Ninetendo games, and nervousness concerning various other materialistic lifestyle considerations in "blissful ignorance", in the image of the elites who prevail done self-destructive capitalistocracies, or otherwise, family can take to rally their governments on behalf of vitally wanted social convert. 'Sober' members of the diverse community be obliged to either grow to be actively engaged in redressing the shortcomings of the prevailing efficient technique, or be realistic the dire cost of their jaded attitudes. Members of the diverse community who are concerned concerning their immediate quality-of-survival cannot afford to be complacent. These members of the diverse community be obliged to manage come again? Little with the purpose of remains of destroyed egalitarian systems (that suffer been taken-over by the substantive business of 'capitalistocracy') to challenge tainted government leaders.

Government leaders suffer tolerable themselves to be seduced and "bought-out" by self-serving greed-driven interests, with the purpose of manage anti the crucial affirmation of the quality-of-living interests of the diverse community with the purpose of these leaders were supposedly selected to dish up; and anti the interests of quality-of-living seeking human being beings worldwide. So far, these government leaders suffer chosen to substantively ignore capitalistocractic activities with the purpose of rapid Global Warming, and accompanying pollution and decline poverty which are being executed by "generous donors" to their following campaigns, with the purpose of prop-up their following power. People be obliged to either funny turn away en masse, from the norms of the prevailing capitalism with the purpose of has tainted the integrity of egalitarian systems, or be realistic definite Mars-like large-scale self-destruction.


  1. Guess it took rocket science for us to glimpse the view of other planets to see what could await the future of the earth if humans are not more responsible in their decisions and attitudes about how to care for the earth.

    Strip mining didn't teach us; pollution hasn't taught us; oil spills hasn't taught us; wars haven't taught us, mining and drilling mishaps haven't taught us. Can exploration of MARS teach us that the earth is a fragile planet, and climte change is serious business for humans, as is the abuse of other humans, plants and animals with whom we reside? One need not be a rocket scientist to understand and appreciate these forecasts.